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Your one stop solution for your real estate management needs

A ctivimmo has been helping real estate agents and brokers since 2000 organize and manage their property listings, business or client contacts. Being very intuitive and easy-to-use, the real estate software offers a series of powerful features that puts all the necessary information at real estate agent’s fingertips.
Activimmo uses the cloud technology to allow users to instantly get access to their data whenever and wherever they want. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, the real estate software will let you gain full control of your business deals.

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Contact US Upon download and installation, the fully functional trial version of Activimmo will ask for an activation code which will be given to you by phone or by mail.

Some Features of Activimmo :

Quickly access your data

Access your data whenever and wherever you want with a secured online database on the following platforms : smartphones, tablets, desktop computers.

Easy-to-useInterface and to customize

Activimmo is capable of adapting to any agency's or user's requirements due to its endless customisable options. Thus, it is very easy to update or modify the real estate database solutions delivered in the package.

Custom Real Estate Website

Choose from our several templates to create an seo optimised real estate website. With our content management system, feel free to put any content on the websites like property sliders, deal of the month, search forms etc...

More features of Activimmo